From the Helm - March 2021

An update on Australian Mayflower Society activities over the January-March 2021 quarter.

Anniversary Celebration

The Australian Society held our first year Anniversary celebration on 26 January 2021 via ZOOM. We were honoured to have Governor General Jane Hurt and Secretary-General Meg Averett join us, as well as two other US members who got up/stayed up in the small hours of the morning to participate.

Marti Bobertz, Director of Genealogy and Research, was featured in our very first Australian Mayflower Society photo on our Charter Day, January 26th 2020, having High Tea with Steve and Judy Arnold (left). Here she is again with us (bottom centre) on Jan 26th, 2021!

Thanks to all those who logged on - new faces and regular members alike. It was a wonderful experience for us all to get to know each other better. Read more about our Anniversary Zoom here.

New Members & Member Birthdays

A very warm welcome to our very first Junior Member (AU-J-001) - Alec-Joao (AJ) Granger, grandson of Scott Granger and great-grandson of Robert and Beverly Granger.

Robert & Bev Granger (left) and Keenan Granger (right) with baby AJ Granger.

We also send a special welcome to Peggy S. (Haley) Marsh who hails from Sugar Land, Texas. Peggy joined our society as of the 23rd of February. Peggy is the GSMD Junior Member's Program Chair.

Additionally, it’s my pleasure to welcome three prospective members whose applications were sent electronically to Plymouth and are awaiting approval: Pierce A. Holstrom from Hampton East, Victoria, Keenan S. Granger from Picton, NSW and Hayden R. Granger from Thirlmere, NSW.

Current members Bill Elliott and Joan Hall-Jones celebrated birthdays in early March. Wishing them both a happy birthday and great year ahead!

Business Directions – Junior Program kick-off

With the help of contacts in other Mayflower organisations and Peggy Marshall, the GSMD Junior Membership Chair, our Australian Society kicked off its Junior Membership Program in February.

We are excited about welcoming our future generations of Australian Mayflower descendants. They so far include our first Junior Member Alec-Joao (AJ) Granger, a Richard Warren descendant; and new members of the Isham family Attica and Beatrice, and Rev. E. Luke Isham’s lovely daughter Evangeline, all Fuller descendants.

We also look forward to seeing Orel Lea’s grand-daughter Olivia continue the Soule lineage as a future junior member.

New Virtual Lecture Series

The GSMD has announced a New Virtual Lecture Series beginning in Spring 2021. These lectures will cover a variety of Mayflower Pilgrim-related topics, including their odyssey, life and times, maritime experience and, of course, genealogy.

The monthly webinar lectures will be hosted by the Mayflower Society on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm EST. Australian members are invited to join and learn about Mayflower Pilgrim and genealogy topics from the comfort of our homes. Learn more here.

Keep sailing along Keith Quimbach, Governor

Please let us know if you would like to receive our email updates so we can add to our email listing and or our Private (members only) Facebook page. 

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