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A new book brings the Mayflower Compact Signers to life

The signatories of the Mayflower Compact are often thought of as a mere list of names to be honoured for securing the political future of Plymouth Colony. Now a new book, the Mayflower Compact Signers, brings the signers' names alive by providing biographies that establish their individual identities and genealogical links to living descendants.

Mayflower Compact Signers author, Debra Georgantis-Miller, says the book is our history, past, future, and destiny. "It teaches us to push ahead, recognize and learn from our transgressions, and ultimately create a better existence for ourselves and our future generations."

Ms Georgantis-Miller is a respected educator, speaker, author, and Mayflower historian who has travelled extensively in the United States and abroad to research her published works.

Her new book is a compilation of what was originally published as 26 biographical mini-booklets which are popular with many Mayflower Societies.

Beth Lambright, governor of the Oregon Society of Mayflower Descendants, says her society gives the booklets to every new junior member. "They are concise in research and filled with information that every member would want."

The compilation of the booklets turns Ms Georgantis-Miller's work into a valuable educational resource for many different audiences, including adult Mayflower descendants and history buffs as well as students.

'Mayflower Compact Signers: 1620-2020 400th Anniversary Edition,’ is available on the Pennsylvania Mayflower Society website at for $21.

Debra Georgantis-Miller M.Ed .is a former General Society of Mayflower Descendants Junior Committee chair and currently serves as deputy governor of the Pennsylvania Society.

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