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Photo Gallery 2021

Spring 2021 (October - December)

How we spent Thanksgving and Christmas. 

2020 Year in Review

Winter 2021 (June-September)

Some highlights from the General Board of Assistants meeting held in Plymouth and meet our newest junior member, Matilda Lea.

Autumn 2021 (April-June)

We were excited to progress our Junior program this quarter with the welcome of three new junior members and the printing of official Australian Junior Membership Certificates. We were also proud to see our USA dual members actively involved in their communities throughout the quarter.


Summer 2021 (January-March)

Highlights for Australian members this quarter included Thanksgiving celebrations, the final leg of a round-the-world sailing trip, launching a new book, and celebrating birthdays and a new baby. We also held our first Annual General Meeting via Zoom. With the end of the year in sight, we wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year.

2020 Year in Review  January 2021

January 26th marked the first anniversary of Australian Society of Mayflower Descendants. Here are some highlights of our first year. Thanks to all those who've been part of our journey.