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Activities and Crafts

The Children of Plimoth

Bartholomew Allerton (7)

Mary Allerton (3)

Remeber Allerton (5)

Francis Billington (14)

John Billington (16)

All Hands on Deck

Painting with your hand makes a wonderful replica of the Mayflower.  

All Hands on Deck.jpg

Love Brewster (13)

Wrestling Brewster (9)

William Butten (15) died at sea

Bradford bookmark_edited.jpg

Mayflower bookmark

Print out and make these bookmarks for your friends and family.  Personalise them by adding any name.  

Mary Chilton (13)

John Cooke (13)

Humility Cooper (1)

Henry Samson (16)

John Crackstone (18)

Samuel Eaton (1)

Samuel Fuller (12)

John Hooke (14)

Pilgrim coif

Make yourself a Pilgrim coif.  All you need is paper, ribbon, tape ...

Constance Hopkins (14)

Giles Hopkins 12

Oceanus Hopkins (born at sea)

William Latham (11)

Desire Minter (10)

Thanksgiving story bracelet

A beautiful and decorative way to teach and tell the Thanksgiving Story.

Ellen More (8)

Jasper More (7)

Mary More (4)

Richard More (6)

Priscilla Mullins (17)

Joseph Rogers (17)

Anyone for a game of"Knickers?"

Learn how to make your own marbles.  The Pilgrim children called them "knickers".

Elizabeth Tilley (13)

"Son" Tinker (infant)

Peregrine White

(born at Providence Harbor)

Resolved White (5)

Corn husk dolls

Save your corn husks and make these delightful colonial dolls.

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