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From the Helm - December 2022

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The Australian Governor's update - December 2022


Merry Christmas everyone!

This edition sees our members taking to the skies and seas and travelling around the world again.

Lisa Pennington, her husband David and Lea Filson have been on a NEGH Society Tour. Lisa has posted dozens of photos on Facebook of their European tour, visiting London and Leiden amongst others.

Governor General Jane Riddell Hurt and Lorrie Link were in the United Kingdom back in May and June with the 2022 GSMD “Path of the Pilgrims” “Heritage Tour” for some 13 days. They visited Scrooby Manor and other historical sites in the UK and in the Netherlands.

Keith Price and Sue McLean have been traveling throughout Southeast Asia visiting Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Da Nang and Hanoi in Vietnam to name a few.

Deputy Governor Bill Elliott and his wife Chris are back in Queensland after spending seven wonderful weeks in the USA from Plymouth, MA to Emeryville, CA. They celebrated Thanksgiving Luncheon on the 19th of November with the Illinois State Society. They were “honored” as having been the couple having traveled the furthest distance to the event. This has been their 3rd recognition over the past 5 years.

Robert and Bev Granger are back home after spending weeks on their holiday to Bali and a cruise.

Richard Shaw and Colin Stone have been cruising around Australia onboard the Holland America Cruise ship, MS Noordam, with 16 port visits around Australia and Papua, New Guinea. They are thankful that they were not exposed to the coronavirus. Very lucky for them. It was widespread in Illawara. NSW.

Orel Lea was very busy with multiple travels to her sister, Kylie’s, in Far North Queensland, helping Kylie with the restoration of a 100 year old house in Mareeba. Orel went to Adelaide to visit with her cousin Barbara. Orel spent 5 days in Bali. Unfortunately Orel was exposed to the coronavirus on her return flight.

Special Holiday thank you goes out to our most senior members - Virginia Mucciaccio. “Ginny” has been one of our Charter members since 2020. Ginny is one of our most senior members in the society. She has served as the USA Treasurer for the European Mayflower Society and Executive Secretary for the Massachusetts Society; and Robert Granger a life member of the Massachusetts Society and a Charter member of the Australian Society. We also want to add our thanks to Lester Riley and Colin Harrison, two of our Associate senior members.

New members
  • AU-54 – David J. Magee another John Howland descendant. David’s application was approved on 29 Nov by GSMD and he was elected to our society on 2 December 2022.

  • AU-54AAssociate Member Patricia H. Magee. Elected / Approved on 19th of December.

  • AU-55Warren R. Magee approved on 16 Dec 2022 and elected on the 19th of December.

A real Christmas present for both David and Warren.

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants

Congratulations to Ann Wilkerson, from Illinois. Ann was elected as Governor for the Mayflower Society in the State of Illinois for 2023-2026. And a special welcome to her new granddaughter.

The Australian Society of Mayflower Descendants

On Australia Day Jan 26th, we may have a “Charter Day” via ZOOM with a very special guest.

Looking forward to 2023 with all the preparations for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 15 July in Brisbane.

Birthday wishes and Anniversaries

For October

Steve Isham, Lisa Pennington, Fiona Lynton, Derek Hall and Associate Member Genevieve Quimbach

For November

Olivia Lea

For December

Lester and Connie Riley and Fiona Lynton

Happy Anniversary to Steve and Marion Isham, celebrating 46 years together

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Let 2023 bring joy, peace and understanding.

Keep sailing along! Keith Quimbach, Governor

Please let us know if you would like to receive our email updates so we can add to our email listing and or our Private (members only) Facebook page. 

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