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From the Helm - March 2023

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The Australian Governor's update - March 2023


All plans and preparations have been made for this year's Annual General Meeting in Brisbane. We are delighted to be able to welcome GSMD’s Governor General Jane Hurt as our special guest who will be flying to Australia in July. I wish to extend my thanks to Bill Elliott and Connie Riley for all their hard work in making this event a reality. Click here for some of the dates and times.

New members

In progress ...

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants

GSMD Governor General Jane E. Riddell Hurt, Secretary General Meg Averett, and Member at Large, Lorrie Link were in Hawaii celebrating Hawaii’s society 85th Anniversary. GG Jane Hurt presided over the election and installation of Hawaii’s new officers, then relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful sunsets from the Hale Koa Hotel.

Heritage Fortnight begins on April 12, 2023. Some 90 linage societies hold their board and annual meetings in Washington DC. The GSMD will be having a breakfast meeting from 7:30-10:00 am at the Army Navy Club.

Heritage Tour to the Netherlands and England proceeds from June 2-14, 2023.

The Warren Cousins 50th Anniversary. Visit the website:

The Australian Society of Mayflower Descendants

We were honoured to have the former Governor General, George Garmany Jr in attendance at our January 26th Charter Day celebration via Zoom. George was in Melbourne visiting his son and family. We all enjoyed an inspirational 40 minute Q/A discussion on several topics about the Mayflower Society and the future growth of our Australian society.

Keith Price and his wife Sue McLean are still traveling throughout the Asian-Pacific region. They have been to the Philippines and then to Europe. They will be back in Brisbane in mid-October.

Jeanne and Colin Harrison have been out sailing around Kangaroo Island.

Richard Shaw and Colin Stone are cruising again on 31 March to the USA, meeting up with relatives in Dallas and Washington DC. They'll depart NYC and fly non-stop to Auckland and returning to Sydney on 15th of May. Wishing then both safe travels.

Orel Lea and Kylie Moore will be flying to Western Australia to visit their cousins and attend a memorial service at Jarrahdale for their Aunt Betty.

Birthday wishes and Anniversaries

For January:

Robert S. Granger, Hayden Granger, Kyle Moore, and Jeanne Harrison.

For February:

Gregory Thompson, and Junior Member Aleco Joao (A J) Granger.

For March:

Bill Elliott, Joan Jones and Marc Curyer.

Happy Anniversary:

Dual member Lorrie Link and her husband celebrate 46 wonderful tears together.

I am happy to report that Steve Arnold is recovering well from his recent pacemaker operation. We are thankful to have Genevieve Quimbach back home after three days in the hospital. She will be under-going bypass surgery next week with a two month rest and recuperation plan.

Keep sailing along! Keith Quimbach, Governor

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